Dark Prison v1.0.6 (Mod)

Here we brought to you Dark Prison. It is an amazing Action game. After an unknown virus outbreak devastates the earth, humanity is plunged into chaos. Your daughter is found to have immunity in her DNA. A group of mercenaries – called Apostles – have kidnapped her and taken her to the most dangerous place on the planet: The Dark Prison. The content of this game is rated 12+ for Moderate Violence. This game gives you an amazing fighting experience with its ultra-realistic graphics and amazing gameplay. Dark Prison is created by Latersoft. They are one of the best game creators in the entire world. All of their games have been among the best choice of android gamers. Dark Prison is downloaded by more than 10,000 people around the globe.

Requirements For Downloading Dark Prison:

Following are some of the requirements for downloading Dark Prison:

  • In order to download and install Dark Prison, you must have an android hand device which is 4.1 and above.
  • You must have 72mb free space in your android hand device in order to download and install Dark Prison.

About Dark Prison:

With no weapons, you’ve got to face the deadly monsters, zombies, and bandits in the Dark Prison. What will you do? Fight for her survival, or give her up for your own? You must decide NOW!

Breakout: The Dark prison is an innovative role-playing game that features incredible graphics, a unique storyline, action, and adventure, putting the fate of the world at your fingertips!!!

Save your daughter and all of the innocent survivors before it’s too late! Download now.

Key Features:

Explore the Apocalypse
• Enjoy the tremendous design of the world with hundreds of maps for you to explore
• Face never-before-seen bosses with intelligent combat skills and deadly weapons. Bring the ultimate challenge to battles.

Hundreds of Loots for Survival
• Discover lucrative loot, forge wicked weapons, and equip yourself for the challenge
• Build alliances for more resources by saving people in the Dark Prison
• Team up in the online arena and gain powerful items with friends via intense PVP battles

Character Customization
• An in-depth Character creator gives you the flexibility to build your hero from scratch
• Freely assign your ability points and personalize the stats based on your own combat style
• With more than 12 types of weapons, use them wisely for different scenarios

Console Game Quality Design
• High-quality graphic design with detailed combat system and movements
• Support PlayStation 4 and Xbox Wireless Game Controller

Get in and challenge the menacing bosses from the deadly island with your own hand. Download Breakout: The Dark Prison today for free and conquer the unpredictable enemies!

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What’s New:
Initial Release Updates:
1. Improve Connection Stability
2. Improved Camera rotation and aim
3. Improved Attack animations
4. Revised Max up materials
5. Fixed the bug of Rune installation
6. Fixed the login issue for some devices
7. Fixed PVP Mission Bugs
8. Revised the Tutorial Flow
9. Fixed the bugs of rewards in Dark Zone
10. Fixed the bugs of Main Quest rewards
11. Added new region – Taiwan

You can use the blood bottle in the upper right corner indefinitely during the battle!














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