Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival v0.41.1b (Mod Money)

Here we brought to you Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival. It is an amazing Simulation game. Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival is a new release in the series of survival simulator games with new realistic graphics, craft system, building system, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a raft. Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival is created by FreeDTeam. They are very good game creators. They always create games which are liked and downloaded by many peoples around the globe. The content of this game is rated 16+ for Strong Violence. Its current version available for download is 0.41.1b. It is was last updated on October 1, 2019. Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival is downloaded by more than 50,000 people around the globe.

Requirements For Downloading Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival:

Following are some of the requirements for downloading Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival:

  • In order to download and install Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival you must have an android hand device which is 5.0 and above.
  • You must have 56mb free space in your android hand device in order to download and install Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival.

About Last Day On Raft: Ocean Survival:

If you always wanted to feel like an ocean nomad – then this is a game for you. Build and upgrade your raft for ocean survival, defend it and try to survive when a shark attack!

Features of our game:

realistic graphics
beautiful landscapes
day-night cycle
open world exploration
a lot of weapons and items
raft building
evil shark in the enemy role

Tips for ocean nomad:

Take items and resources with your hook.

Lots of useful resources in shark games are right under your nose. Chest and barrels floating around always contain useful resources for survival on in the ocean and plank are really good material for raft building.
You might even find gold, so keep on throwing the hook!

Craft tools and weapons

A victim can easily change the rules and become a hunter in raft survival games. Create various tools that will help you to survive a long journey across the ocean, but do not forget about weapons, otherwise you will not survive another shark attack

Build and upgrade

Don’t forget about your raft in ocean survival games! It is not enough to tie a pair of boards without walls or a roof to feel safe.
Be creative and expand the raft free, because the only limit for building in raft survival games is your imagination.

Defend your raft

The big ocean is teeming with different creatures, but the most dangerous of them is the shark. This predator always gets what it wants. Use all your wrath to protect your raft and do not forget that the best weapon against sharks is a spear.

Survive on a raft

You need to ensure the raft survival to be sure that this is not your last day on earth

Create your own story of an ocean nomad

After that day in your life, everything changed. Days of easy and safe live on a land are gone. It is time to start all over again. Build your raft – build your own home, and create your own adventure story!

Guys, hello to everyone from our small team FDT. I want to thank you for your interest in our game. We are a young team that is just starting its way in the development of games, so all your feedback are important to us.
We will read them all and will try to take into account all your wishes in the further development of this game.
Thank you all, and have successful survival;)

*Attention:* We are not affiliated with the developers of the original Raft game.

What’s New:
– Removed crafting time for each tool.
– Increased supply of health, food and water.
– Increased tool endurance (some tools no longer break).
– Reduced hook throw time.
– Added the ability to lift objects from the ocean while on a raft.
– Fixed automatic launch of animation on instruments.
– Fixed disabling jump when hit in the water.
– Added the ability to choose the quality of the graphics.
– Improved interface.





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